Sunday Newsletter


A big thank you to everyone that contributed to the spirit for this weekend’s Stake Conference–from All who were able to attend the Temple Friday in preparation to everyone who was able to go, those that assisted with the chairs and the parking and especially all of the speakers and the music that flowed through this conference.  Wonderful experience.

Heath Stake Conference

The Adult Session focused on Missionary Work and we listened to some beautiful conversion stories of new member and returning members.  This morning again focused on missionary work and temple work to Hasten Salvation and to Rescuing those in need.  Great Sunday! This is a video that was used in last night’s Adult Session .  We can have great success with missionary work if we are kind!  Please take an opportunity to watch the video again and enjoy the music and the spirit that is present.

if youre not a full time missionary

Several of the talks last night and this morning talked about being kind.  What a simple concept that is and how easy it is for us to do those things.  Being kind means we are presenting an example of Christ-like Love at all times to those around us and creates opportunities for us to share our faith with others.

We were challenged to ask individuals if they would offer:

The “Willing and Brief” Invitation, Safe and Easy, Six Weeks (November 16-December 29)

Would you be willing to listen to a Brief Presentation about ________?  fill the blank with “my church”, “my religion,” “Jesus Christ'”, “The Book of Mormon”, etc.  Let them know the presentation will be given by two ______________missionaries in their home.  fill the blank with “excellent”, “fantastic”, “diligent”, Wonderful”, etc.

 4 Easy Steps:

1. Prepare and pray for opportunities to share the gospel and for the vision to recognize the opportunities when they come,

2. Talk with nice people (family/friends, acquaintances, strangers).  Have normal conversation with them and if the topic of religion (in any of it many forms) is mentioned, proceed to the next step

3.  Invite using the Willing and Brief invitation.

4. Gather their contact information when they say, “Yes”–name, phone number and address.  If the answer is “No”, continue with your normal conversation.  Give the contact information directly to the missionaries or contact the local mission office (Texas Dallas Mission 972-239-4546) or submit the information at

Imagine with all of the stakes being issued this challenge participates the number of referrals this will provide to our missionaries and to the members of our wards.


Only 10 days until Thanksgiving and then only a month to Christmas–amazing how fast this year has come and gone. I hope we are able to prepare these holidays and keep our sanity at the same time. Keep it simple is my motto. Give everyone tasks to perform–divvy up the workload!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, last year some families shared Thanksgiving dinner and visited with each other at the church house on Thanksgiving day. Heather Smith is asking if any families are interested in sharing dinner and fun together again at the church. If you are, please let her or me know and we will see what can happen when a few families get together for food, fun, and Thanksgiving.


I am sure all of us have seen and heard about the devastation in the Philippines and many have asked how they can help.  I have copied the link to the Church’s Humanitarian Aid Website–that gives you some definite ideas. Perla Deguzman also has information about donating; please call her if you have questions.

Coat and Food Drive

Another big happening in the ward is the coat and food drive that occurs this Wednesday at the church building.  The youth are collecting non-perishable food and clothes/heavy sweaters etc for the Rowlett Needy Children’s Fund.  The coats and sweaters can be any size–not just children!–But in good condition clean please.  Drop everything off at the church this Wednesday night from 7-8:30PM.  If you are unable to drop off items please contact me or someone in the young Men’s Presidency.

Dates to Remember

December 1st–Stake Christmas Concert at the Heath Stake Center– I have attached the flyer for the concert.  We have also been asked to provide cookies for the concert–please let me know if you would like to bake a couple of dozen cookies for this night!  Thank You.

December 5th–Relief Society Progressive Dinner–Starts at 7PM at Lynette Farar’s House–Another email will be sent out with all of the details.  Also if you need a ride for this please let me know and we can arrange all of that.  More fun to go together!

December 8th–First Presidency Christmas Devotional at 7PM. Click this link for more info.

December 14th-– Ward Christmas Party  and more details to come.

I hope everyone has a great week and that these constant weather changes don’t drive your sinuses crazy!

Call me if you need anything.

Love, Cheryl

P.S.  If anyone is interested tomorrow is Mickey Mouse’s Birthday and Wednesday is National Peanut Butter Fudge Day! 🙂