Doubt Your Doubts

Come, Join With Us was an exceptional talk given by President Uchtdorf in this past October’s General Conference.

We invite you to re-visit this talk and remember the valuable teachings gifted to us by our General Authority.

Doubt your Doubts


Sunday Newsletter


Welcome to our Winter!  Weather forecasters never get it right–still no ice or sleet–we will see what tomorrow brings.  If they cancel school tomorrow it would make sense to just cancel for the whole week since I think Tuesday is a partial day.

It was wonderful to hear from the Sloan’s today and appreciate their testimonies regarding family history and temple work.  Both had some poignant moments in their talk expressing gratitude for ancestors and choice times in the temple.  Thank you for allowing us to feel the spirit in your talk.

Today’s Relief Society Lesson

I appreciate everyone’s help in the lesson today for Elder Bednar’s October 2013 Conference talk on the “Windows of Heaven“.  When I first heard the talk his simple but subtle blessings resonated with me and especially his reminder that the feeling of gratitude is such a blessing for all of us. It was a wonderful talk on tithing, the blessings of tithing and the blessings of being financially sound.  The December Conference Talk is “Put Your Trust in Lord” from Elder M. Russell Ballard.

spiritual illumination and perspective

President Uchtdorf SLC Rotary Club Talk

President Uchtdorf spoke to the Salt Lake City Rotarian Club last week and I have attached his talk for your study.  Great words as we are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving this next week.


Speaking of Thanksgiving several families are joining together at the church at 2PM to celebrate Thanksgiving and share dinner and some fun and games.  Heather Smith is “hosting” the event with her family and would love for as many people to join in.  Please let her know by tomorrow evening if you would like to join this group. The Booth Family did this last year and everyone said it was a great time.


We have two new families move-in this past week. Rachael and Troy Elison with their 6 children have moved here from Victoria, Texas and Frances and Mike McGrath have moved here from Utah–they are empty nesters with family spread around.

Both families are great additions to our ward family!

Dates to Remember

Thursday, November 28: Dinner at church at 2PM—please let Heather know if you are interested.

Sunday, December 1st (that’s next Sunday!): at 7PM is the Stake Christmas Concert.  We have been asked to bring some cookies to share so please let me know if you would like to do so–Thank you Amy Milstead for your offer!

Thursday, December 5th: 7PM is the Relief Society Christmas Party.  It will be a Progressive Dinner starting at Lynette Farar’s house for appetizers, Penny Elwoods’ for dinner and Adrienne Burgers for dessert.  We will send out an invitation and addresses next Sunday.  The dinner and program planned will help set your mood for Christmas.  Please plan on joining us!  And if you need a ride let me know so we can all get together.

Saturday, December 14th: 6PM is the Ward Christmas Party–more details will be coming!

Closing Thoughts

Congratulations to Lee Hervey with Grandchild #6.  Julia gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Friday in College Station–pretty sure they have a future Aggie!

Speaking of Gratitude I have enjoyed the Facebook postings that many of you have done on Gratitude for the month of November. I count each one of you and your families as a tremendous blessing in my life and am so thankful for the love that you demonstrate each day. I am humbled by all of your Service that you give so willingly and without though of recompense. I am blessed to serve with Lee, Kim and Carolina and want you to know of the awesomeness of these women!  Thank you all!

Here is a list of the funny days for the rest of November:

November 25 is … National Parfait Day
November 26 is … Shopping Reminder Day
November 27 is … Pins And Needles Day
November 29 is … Square Dance Day
November 30 is … Stay At Home Because You’re Well Day

We only have 30 days until Christmas–Enjoy them and don’t stress out about it.  I hope those that created your Christmas Book at the Super Saturday will remember to use it and enjoy the music and stories that are in it.

Have a great week.  As always just call if you need anything–or email, or text!

Love, Cheryl

Bring Souls Unto Him

This past General Conference that took place in October was fantastic! We’re so excited to learn from our General Authorities’ inspired words once again in our monthly conference talk-Relief Society lessons

Our Stake and ward is focusing heavily on missionary & temple work this year. This quote from President Monson’s talk expresses it beautifully: